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New Single Release - FOURTH WALL -Alternate Take

New Single Release! FOURTH WALL -Alternate Take

FOURTH WALL is the sixth song off of my album The TIM LANCASTER Conspiracy released last year. I’ve been told many times how eclectic the song choices were for the album. I’m not sure this is usually a compliment. When choosing the tracks for the album, I decided on varying the styles, tempos, and dynamics, song by song, in an attempt to keep listeners engaged and interested. I believe there’s music for everyone on CONSPIRACY. That being said, let’s add even more eccentricity to this group of songs.

FOURTH WALL was recorded for the album as a straight up rocker. Its origins are much simpler. FOURTH WALL – Alternate Take, was recorded shortly after I finished the album. The song has kind of been in the can for a rainy day. I was originally going to release it pre-album, as a song to pique interest in the upcoming album. There just wasn’t time enough for this to happen. Instead, I saved this alternate take as a place holder single between albums. You know, as a way to remind people I’m still alive and writing music. I won’t say too much more about my new album project, but I will say this: It’s coming this year and I’m excited about it.

I was rehearsing FOURTH WALL to play live and this version emerged. The thing is, this take is close to how I originally wrote it: Guitar in hand, pen, notebook, a cup of coffee, and my voice. Producing the completed song meant adding a few other things to it. The electric bass part serves as both the glue and the momentum for the track. The eerie synth part gives the song a dark and mysterious feel. Some sparse and punctuate hi-hat and floor toms, round out the tracks structure and feel.

I hope those who listen to FOURTH WALL – Alternate Take enjoy the track. Streaming and video links to the song are below this article. More about the video later! So, keep an eye and ear out for some new music coming this year.

Cheers, TL

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