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"DAMAGE" New Single and Video Release

I just released a new single called “Damage.” The song is an instrumental. It’s clearly not a jazz composition. "Damage" is more closely aligned with modern rock or even progressive rock. The strings, the slow tempo, and dynamic range even gives “Damage” a bit of a classical tone. To be honest, the composition was originally written as music for a movie trailer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t used for the movie, but it has found new life as a slow-burn, drum feature instead.

I spent parts of August and September recording and mixing the song, which included adding guitar and drum parts to the original arrangement. Getting the mastering done and coming up with a video idea took up the first few weeks of October. This brings us to today, October 28, 2022, and the song’s release.

Although it’s satisfying to have a completed project to share and promote, the true pleasure comes from creating the thing from scratch. “Damage” began its life at the piano with a simple chord progression. I wanted the strings to carry the melody in a slow, increasingly dynamic fashion. I wanted the intensity to sort of sneak up on you. The original chart had a similar feel with two dynamic song peaks with the last section featuring the strings but, I reworked it to have a couple of drum breaks instead. If you listen carefully, some old school, fat, analog-sounding, synths weave themselves into the string sections too.

As far as the video is concerned, I wanted it to be filmed in black and white, a la Jean-Luc Godard or early Jim Jarmusch, a couple of heroes of mine. This also explains the black title card with the simple white block letters. The watch motif is nothing more than the song tempo being exactly 60 beats per minute and the tick of a watch movement seemed to be a fitting way to start and end the song. The cool Shinola Runwell watch was a gift from father and has such an elegant, clear dial that it seemed the perfect watch to use. Please check out Shinola, a cool Detroit based company making watches, bags, and all sorts of hip stuff.

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoy “Damage.” There is more music to come.



Shinola Detroit:


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