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Jazz Drumming For the Rest of 2022.

The Summer of 2022 should be an interesting one. It's sometimes hard for me to prioritize my musical projects. I guess I simply do all of them at the same time, piecemeal, and finish them all eventually. Unless there is a deadline of course. Putting jazz drumming to the forefront the rest of the year will bring some really exciting opportunities for me.

First off, I'm in the market for a new drum set and I also want to add to my arsenal of cymbals. It's gonna be a blast to test out the drum market. I do have a sound in mind for both the drum sizes and materials. As far as my cymbal sound, I don't want to change too much but rather add some color and some unique characteristics to my dark sound. Keep and eye out for some china-types, swishes, and flat rides on the new set up.

The summer will also be about catching up with old friends. In early August I'll be recording with Kris Lucander. His original music is always interesting and challenging, so I'm really looking forward to these recording sessions. There could be some surprises by fall, as Amit Heri and I are in discussions about putting a killer group together. This is long overdue.

The only things I want to divulge about the new jazz album is that the compositions will all be mine and will feature players from previous incarnations of my groups. There will also be a short film about me and the recording of the album. This has been a bear to organize. More details to come as I get closer to the project.

So, that's where things are at. I need to try to enjoy the summer and my family and the dogs too. Life it not all work. I hope everyone has a great summer and I'll be checking back in soon.



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