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Making the BAD SEX FACE video was an amazing experience. It was exhausting, nerve-racking, and time consuming. Oh, and I would do it over again, and again, in a heart beat. Watching director/photographer Giovanni Martins work was awe-inspiring. His vision, his organizational skills, and his leadership was impressive. Shot after shot, I witnessed his beautiful vision come to life.

Please visit his website to view Giovanni's portfolio.

To all the cast and crew, thank you. TL


Director of Photography/Director: Giovanni Martins

Digital Imaging Technician: Marco Andre

Gaffer: Kurt Voltmann

Assistant: William Powell

Lead Character #1: Charisma Glasper

Lead Character #2: Samajah Jaramillo

Extra #1: Angelina Korotkova

Extra #2: Dmytro Paladii

Extra #3: Dylan Foster

Extra #4: Jide Also

Extra #5: Michael Middleton

Hair & Make up: Valentina Gomez

Masks: Couturemask

Colony Studios, Brooklyn NY

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