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"Half-Life" Video Premiere - Ear Buddy

I am grateful for the article about my current single and video Half-Life. I think it is a very original song. It took me awhile to write it. Actually, it took awhile to write because I wrote it as two separate sections. The opening riff with the guitar and bass, and the corresponding melody line, basically came together and felt very natural to sing. I had this idea about science, about molecules, and radioactivity. Once I had the line, "My eyes are radioactive, in the dark they will attract you," all the verses and their lyrics were completed. The problem was the bridge and the chorus. I just couldn't get it.

I made many attempts. Nothing and more nothing. One afternoon, before work, and after a couple of cups of coffee, and I had an idea. I used to tell myself that I could write music from a drummers perspective. You know what I mean? I can play strong rhythms and grooves all day long, I should be able to come up with something? I've had to struggle with my limited guitar chops over the years and really worked had to gain any degree of facility on the instrument. So I gave up trying to guitar riff the chorus into existence. So I played the guitar and bass parts into my looper and sat down at the drums.

I never thought to sing and play drums at the same time. There are some incredible singer/drummers - Don Henley, Gil Moore from Triumph, Phil Collins - and I'm not one of them. But wouldn't you know. Pounding out a rhythm to the riff allowed me to find the space in the song for the chorus. Mine you, the melody and lyrics are simple but powerful and prove something. You CAN write the song from the drum stool.


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