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Radio Campaign Winding Down

My non-commercial radio campaign is winding down. This has been another cool learning experience. I would like to thank Brandon and Jon at Tinderbox for all their support and encouragement. When the campaign started in early December 2017 I had only one goal. Get the new album played on the radio, any radio, anywhere. I secretly hoped to make a Top 200 College Radio List.

It's been a good run. In January 2018 I entered the Unweighted College radio charts at 351 and progressively moved up to 135, 129, 121 and and peaked at #73 for the week of January 31st. I even cracked the Weighted College Radio Chart at #109.

Does commercial radio await? One can dream. Looking forward to see whats next.

Stay tuned, more music news to follow soon.

Thank you everyone for your support.


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