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Waiting on a release Date...and waiting...and

It's been about 2 months since I finished this latest record. My friend Mark Griffith, a fellow drummer and distinguished music journalist, told me, "Now your problems are just beginning." He was told this axiom on the completion of his own jazz release "Drumatic," a terrific album chock full of very heavy hitters.

I guess I understand this saying better now. I think the real problem with having an album in the can is the waiting. Nothing seems to happen fast in the record business. Most labels tell you it's an 8 week minimun wait to hear back after you submit your work, that is if you hear back at all. Don't be in a rush, "Labels" don't like that.

There are things to keep you busy when you make a record. You have to finished the art work and the mastering and decide your avenue of distribution. Despite these important task needed completion, all you really think about is a release date. You see, all of your friends are continually asking, "When are you ever gonna finish that record?" So you begin to feel the pressure. You just want the thing off your back and out in the world.

Well, you like your art work and the master sounds great, I guess it is time to release it! So you start planning your album release. Of course, the industry standard is a 2 to 3 month prep period for a proper promotional and publicity campaign for any new record. So you have to wait, again. More emails and submissions, and more waiting.

I really not complaining. I find the whole process fascinating. I very proud of the music I've created and no matter what happens, or who releases it, or where it gets played, or when it gets released, I know I did my very best. "Conspiracy" has been an interesting endeavor for me. I've traced back to my musical roots in rock & roll and discovered something about myself. I discovered that I'm pretty good at waiting. I've waited awhile to do a project like "Conspiracy." I think my waiting will really pay off too, as early feedback has been very positive about this new music.

So I challenge you to wait with me. Stay tuned. Good things are coming. TL

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