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Well, my record "Conspiracy" has been sent out to the world. Well, to the world or rather doldrums of the record industry (doldrums, traditionally a nautical term, meaning the stagnant, calm winds near the equator). It's rather tiresome to ask people for things. And yes, this is a blog, but, I really don't like talking about myself. Maybe that's why I like to express myself with music. So, we shall see if my rock & roll foray gets wind under sails.

So I mailed twenty-seven physical CDs with a personal letter to various A&R people. Two CD's were handed to people with "connections," who agreed to pass the album along to their respected friends in the industry. Additionally, Twenty-nine emails with a standard message asking for manufacturing, distribution, and licensing opportunities with a link to the recording were also sent out into cyber-space. That's a total of fifty-eight labels. How many of these record people do you think will actually listed to the CD/link? I probably would have sent out more but so many of these record companies don't accept unsolicited material. Fifty-eight...I like the sound of it. Fifty-eight label and the fifty-eight "No's" or Fifty-eight labels and one "Yes!"... In the end, it doesn't really matter. I can say that I offered my music to the powers-that-be with no takers. You see, the album is getting released no matter what these people decide to do. That's the beauty of technology and the internet. "Conspiracy" will live amongst the 1's and 0's forever.

"Have a listen to my album" "Let me know what you think" "Keep me in mind" blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I really don't expect much from anybody in this world. My hope is that someone out there has a smile when they listen to the tunes or someone hums the hook of "Dirty Girl" or someone thinks "Oh, clever bass part." Like every other musician in the world, it's always nice to be heard than not heard. If not heard by the many, well, it's OK. I know I have tried my best. I'll still be writing, still be playing, still be humming the next hook or the next bass line, with an inner smile, knowing at least my music is making one person a little happier in the world: me.


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